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The technology has been able to turn every complex dimension into hassle free. The container conversion is one of the most preferred and trending solutions to convert the rigid and heavy containers into desired structures. However, the one container converter can be tough, and hence we shall help you in understanding how the container conversion works. We at Fabbox services, deal with the container conversion and provide container used for sale. We at Fabbox services have had built a large network of clients by providing quality used container ships for sale. However, we shall help you understand how the container conversion works.

How and what is container conversion?

Container conversion can be readily defined as the process of converting the containers that are used in the merchant shipping of the goods. Generally, these containers are large in size, typically 40 ft and could be even above the given size. However, the only reason that they are widely used is because of their rigidness and the ability to withstand any weather in any given condition. These containers are typically converted into office, homes, and other desired structures. However, since the evolvement of this concept, it has become easier for people to get away from the traditional brick work which also requires a huge amount of investment, and hence containers converted are hassle free solutions.

We at Fabbox services have had been dealing with used ISO container for sale. However, since the containers vary from one size to other, we have, used 20 ft shipping container for sale, used 40 foot shipping container for sale.

Well, when we talk about the container conversion, we at Fabbox services have been providing hassle free solutions to all of your container conversion projects. Also, since we have been into the business of shipping container conversions, we are well aware of one’s demands. Since container conversion itself is a creative job, we are equipped with a team that focusses mainly on coming up creative and unique models of the project we work on. However, we shall provide you brief information on its applications.

Conversion of container and its types

Well, year down the line, the hospitality industry has had went leaps and bounds, evolving with a number of innovations in the world. However, conversion of containers into Mobile Bars, Catering units and other hotel models, has had completely changed the face of the hospitalizing industry. Shipping container conversion projects has played a crucial role in minimizing the cost of building of a restaurant. Now, one could readily convert a bulky and a huge container into a beautiful and creative restaurant, mobile bars or a catering unit. The container conversion may not just be profitable in terms of reducing the brick work efforts, but can also be shifted from one place to another since they are portable. One can turn a full blow gourmet to a portable catering unit.

Below are few of the types of containers which we offer.

Dry storage container

This container is one of the most commonly used containers in the world. These containers come in different vertices or dimensions and are also recognized by the ISO. These containers are specifically used for transporting the dry materials, and they are commonly designed as per one’s demands. Mostly, the sizes are 20 ft, 60 ft or maybe event 10 ft.

Flat Rock container

These containers are manufactured with collapsible sides. Basically, they are simple storage container in which the two sides or the doors can be folded. Most of the times, the flat rock is transported through this container.

Open top container

Most of the times, there is high demand of the containers in which the materials of any height can be transported, and hence the open top containers play a crucial role in transporting such materials. This container enables one to transport the source of any height, and also minimizes the need of creating a separate container for the source.

Tunnel Container

Containers are huge and are bulky and hence, sometimes, unloading the merchant or goods becomes extremely tough. Just to make sure that the unloading becomes easy, this container is brought in the market. They are widely known for helping one to quickly unload and load the goods. They have been manufactured with the doors on both the sides.

Open Side storage container

Basically, this type of container is used in conversion into a portable house. This container is provided with doors on one side of the container, and the space to load the goods in the container is bigger than its counter containers.

Double Doors Container

This container is manufactured with double doors which makes wider space for loading and unloading of goods. Mostly, the constructional amenities such as steel, iron etc, are stored or transported from this container. Well, the container is made available in standard sizes such as 20 ft and 40 ft.

Refrigerated ISO containers

With the technology taking a giant leap, improvising our daily lives, the refrigerated containers have had been used widely. These containers are designed in such a way that the temperature inside the container can be adjusted. Sometimes, the food is stored in container and hence transporting it to a destination may take up days. So, to make sure that the food doesn’t get affected due to the constant environmental change, the refrigerated containers play a crucial role. So, as we have referred the above information, it must have got easier for you to understand the containers and its conversion. So, we at Fabbox services are popularly known to make our clients available the used containers offices for sale. Apart from the used shipping container office for sale, we also provide used sea container for sale.

We also provide used container storage units for sale. Below are the given details of the containers and its types, ranging with the scale.

Feet Type

10 Standard, High cube, Flat Track, Open top

20 Standard, High cube, Flat Track, Open top

40 Standard, High cube, Flat Track, Open top

45 Standard, High cube, Flat Track, Open top

45' shipping containers for sale