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Turn Key Projects and Labour Camp Container and Modules Construction in UAE

Our FAB BOX labor camp containers and labor camp modules are constructed with the highest degree of quality and standard with low and competitive pricing.

What is Turn key project?

The turn key projects definition, basically, can be defined as a project contract under which a firm agrees to construct the demanded business or the service facility, and hence one has to deliver the output to the project owner, or the client, in a ready to work condition. However, a turnkey project generally involves the team of contractors, engineers and other manufacturers who have had a fair experience in developing the demanded model of business or the service facility. The contractors who get involved in this project are supposed to come up with the multiple ideas that basically support the project.

However, before beginning with the turn key projects. The contractors and the engineers are supposed to share a brief idea about the projects planning with the client or the contractors. In this entire process, the project manager or the client have to do a very little about the project as they just pass on rhe idea to the contractor or manufacturer and wait to review the output. However, the only task that the clients are supposed to do is reviewing the project after being developed. They need to verify if the project is in the fully working condition, or have any flaws in it.

Benefits of Turn key projects

So, the Turnkey project refers to a project in which the supplier, contractor, or the provider is fully responsible for the output of the demands presented by the clients. Generally, a contractor has to deliver the product in such a manner that it is fully functional, A general contractor turns out to be a supplier and builder of of the given turnkey project. Below, we shall learn about the benefits of the turn key projects.

The turnkey project has had been brought in use for quite a long time. It is mainly preferred in building civil infrastructure projects, or the public and governmental projects.

The project is also considered when the project poses an high level of complexity and there happens to be a well-defined and well-explained scope given by the client or the owner of the project. But in the recent times, the key project has been used indiscriminately mainly in those IT projects which are contractual.

1. It is basically known to reduce the actual time during contractual process by handing single process at a time than dealing with the two processes at one time. However, this does not represent that the construction of the project may need less time.

2. The project is basically a lower cost project, as all the elements are being brought together under one roof, under one owner or builder.

3. It Minimizes the orders of change, as it is being initiated under just the builder and hence, during the implementation of the project any kind of changes and adjustments are handled only by the respective contractor who has calculated knowledge about the project.

4. This is one of the most preferable and practical solution for the smaller projects, such as communication rooms or the computer labs. It is widely preferred when the owner carries a limited budget.

5. The owner in this project has a greater advantage as he or she may have to deal with just one contractor, manufacturer or the engineer. However, peace of mind is somewhere really important when the owner invests a certain amount into the project, and hence one may need not put attention on daily basis.

6. While negotiating with the contractor or the engineer, the customers benefit the cost savings under the turn key projects, because customers are mainly responsible for any huge amount that is given the nod during the contract negotiations.

However, in the market there are quite a few turn key projects companies, which are known to maintain the product quality. We at Fab Box LLC services, have been quite popular for the quality of the services we provide. Trust, quality and innovations are few of the factors that work well with us.

Over the years, we have had been able to build a large network of clients through our services. Mainly, the client or the owner invests a certain amount to raise their desired product, and hence we value the investment made into the desired output, so, we have a team that is basically known for coming up desired and unique solution that go well with the marketing and the strategy of the client. A brief study is conducted before beginning to build the certain tun key project, and soon after that the plan is presented to the client. Considering the approval, we plan the roadmap accordingly, as there is no room for flaws while we care for the timing to deliver the output.

We have had a vast experience in providing containers and the related services. So, we are few of the most renowned providers of turn key projects containers in UAE.