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Modular Construction and Prefabricated Building in UAE

Construction has had been one of the ancient activities that is still being carried out with improvised techniques, although the base laid by our ancestors has turned out to be crucial. Well, we all observe the construction and its unbelievable outputs, similarly, we are going to discuss one such technique that has had been catching eyes with its outcomes. Modular construction is an output of our evolving engineering and technology. Well, much before we discuss the outputs, benefits and drawbacks of the modular construction, we shall know in detail whether what is modular construction and the types of modular construction

Basically,Modular construction in UAE is a process in which a building or any desired structure model is built off site. However, the model is constructed off site in the factories which are placed under control by preferring the similar conventional constructional techniques of construction.

So, what makes the Modular construction different from the conventional construction?

Well, the modular construction stands apart from the conventional construction due to the factor of time consumption. The modular construction requires half the time required for the conventional construction. The construction is carried out in modules which are further integrated on site. Also, the modules that are put together reflect the similar conventional construction display.

One of the main benefits of preferring the modular construction is that it doesn’t create the site disturbances. It also generates less waste.

The Modular constructions can be disassembled and relocated to other different sites.

Well, below are the sub-factors outlined considering the benefits of the Modular Construction.


As stated, that Modular buildings or structures are assembled after developing them in factories, it becomes easier to disassemble the generated building. Also, these disassembled blocks or modules can be preferred for new use and hence the demand of raw material for new construction, too, can be minimized.

As the Modular construction is carried out in the factories, the material waste that is extracted out of the structure is recycled. And apart from the low material waste, there is also a benefit of the security of the construction.

Having constructed the modules in a factory, there is greater advantage of controlling the air quality that is caused by the construction. Apart from constructing the modules, the site work, too, can be carried out in parallel, and hence the time required for the total construction is lesser than the conventional construction.

Minimizing the weather delay:

Most of the conventional constructions follow up delay in their schedule due to the weather factor. Since the modules are constructed in the factories, the weather factor can hardly disturb the schedule.

Safer construction:

The Modular construction not just minimizes the air quality, but also reduces the chances of the accidents that can happen while the construction of the building.


Why to build Modular?

After having learnt the factors responsible for the Modular construction, we shall focus on understanding whether why Modular construction differs from the conventional construction in various forms.

So, every block in the modular construction is built independently, and hence the construction that is integrated later is generally stronger and rigid than the conventional construction. Also, building each and every block of the building separately helps the engineers focus one every part specifically, so, there is better quality management.

As these days, there is a growing awareness among the people about the nature, and hence the Modular construction fits well with the theme due to its benefit of not disrupting the traffic and controlling the air quality at the construction site.

So, most of the engineers, who are looking to build a building through the modular construction, specifically, look to study the constructional site measures and then design the modular blocks as per the need, and hence one may design the block of the building without any restriction.

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Two types of Modular Construction

Basically, there are two types of Modular Buildings. Permanent Modular construction and Relocatable Modular construction.

Permanent Modular Construction in UAE

Permanent modular construction in UAE is sustainable technique to build a multi-story or a single building by building each of its block independently. The recent survey has suggested that the Modular construction is an efficient construction technique that assures the quality and sustainability of the building.

Relocatable Modular Buildings in UAE

Relocatable Modular Buildings itself suggests that the buildings can be relocated. So, the blocks that are constructed off site are assembled to build a single or multi-story building. Relocatable buildings are designed in such a way that they can be reused and transported to the desired building sites. These days, the blocks are used for building schools, constructional site offices and medical clinics. The relocatable buildings are not permanently situated because the fall under certain guidelines of the manufacturers. These buildings are preferable where the factors such as speed, space and relocation are necessary.

So, the Modular construction length varies as per the need. Basically, it depends on the overall dimensions, like, size layout, square foot. However, most often the construction scales between 30’ and 72’ feet.

After understanding the two main types of Modular constructions, we shall understand the materials that are used for Modular construction.

Basically, there are two main types of framing used in the modular construction. ‘Standard wood frame’ construction and ‘Steel and Concrete’ construction. Both the types differ with various points, given the benefits and their drawbacks.

Life Expectancy of the Modular Construction?

Life expectancy of any buildings depends on the maintenance. Similarly, the life expectancy of the Modular Construction, too, depends on its maintenance. One must take care of the building. The Modular buildings, typically, have the life span of 25-30 years, but the period can be expanded given the care taken of it. It is often heard that since the Modular buildings are assembled, the life span of the building is quite less as compared to the buildings that are built after conventional construction, which is a myth that must be unfollowed. The modular constructions have been proven stronger and equally less time consuming than the conventional construction.

Now, after we have understood the Life expectancy of Modular construction, we shall further understand the LGS construction i.e. Light Gauge Steel construction. These buildings are designed using the computer engineering aided engineering software. The LGS has environmental benefits over the regular or conventional construction. LGS accounts for various characteristics of the steel, like, non-combustibility.

We all have come across the containers and its applications in the regular world. Containers, these days, do not just serve the purpose of transportation of the goods, but are also used in conversion of it into houses, offices and other desired structures. Modular construction can go hand in hand with the containers and since containers being rigid and strong to withstand all the weathers, they may be best in use in Modular construction.

We are one of the reputed prefabricated building manufacturers, having a network across world’s reputed clients. Prefabricated buildings are easy to be carried from one place to another, and hence due to its application, the conventional construction can be easily replaced with the prefabricated modular construction.

Gone those days when the brick work made the construction a hefty task. Prefabricated buildings have been gaining a lot of attention due to the factor of time required, which is half the time consumed by the conventional construction.

Prefab Container house

Prefab container house in UAE is built by converting the containers. Containers are mostly huge and heavy, and hence no other option can be preferable and better than the containers. However, converting these containers can sometimes be a tough job, so, there are certified vendors in the market who have been into business for quite a long time. We have been dealing with the container conversion into house for years, and have been providing quality services with an assurance of quality and unique designs. Till the date, we have had been one of the renowned prefab home builder.

Prefab homes are easy to be converted, and certainly are compatible to get along with any design that a manufacturers delivers. Apart from its unique approach, it also saves your capital from getting invested into permanent construction which cannot be carried from one place to another. Prefab container house can be easily migrated from one place to another, and also there could be an option of selling it to a buyer to any desired location.

Portable classrooms in UAE are mostly required in the rural parts of the country, state or city. These classrooms can be equipped with high end devices such as projectors. To build the Portable classrooms, one may need a big scale size container which shall be converted with skills and professional engineering. Having worked with many educational institutes in providing them portable classrooms, we have engineers who work round the clock on providing the unique designs of containers, and later converting them into class rooms as per the demand. The Portable Classrooms can be moved from any place to another, and due to this factor, the modular construction differs from conventional construction.

Modular Hospital Construction in UAE is one of the most opted option of building the hospitals at a capital required less than that of the conventional construction. Hospitals take quite a long time to build due to its complex inner layout, and hence the Modular hospitals can be one of the leading options to save the capital and time. Each block and the every model of the hospital is built separately, before integrating them on the constructional site. The entire process might consume half the time required to build permanent building. Also, the hospital can be dismantled at any given time and the its blocks can be used for a new construction.

Offices have far been known for the decorum. Well, since people mostly thought of the construction as the only way of delivering some cool and amazing office models, the shipping container office have replaced the idea of over spending. Well, in a construction area, there is often need of an office for the engineers and contactors to discuss the roadmap and hence container are portable, there are chances of moving it from one place to another. In an area of construction, the plans can sometimes land you in a tricky situation, demanding the mobility of the office, and hence during such times the container conversion office have a greater advantage than the brick work.

But, before buying the container or the converted containers, it is recommended that one must consult and discuss the requirements with our team. We have been into business for quite a long time and hence we have ready made designs to suit one’s needs. However, if an individual is willing to make their own design then our team can be helpful in terms of designing as per what idea you have carried. Once the design is finalized, our team provides you analysis of how the structure may seem, and may also provide correction to it if required. After analyzing the design and container from all the dimensions, we further start working on its development. The development may take a bit time, and hence people or organizations may also prefer the readymade converted containers. The readymade containers have no flaw and are designed to meet one’s maximum demand from the structure. We have also observed that these containers converted models are viewed and used in a number of dimensions.

Having worked on a number of modular constructions, we have had dealt with various buildings that are today put on the sale after professional use. We are one stop for all of your modular construction demands. We also convert the containers as per your needs and hence we can prove handful in terms of buying and selling the containers, constructing modular designs, and providing prefab houses, offices and other structures as per the needs.



What is Modular Construction.

Modular Construction is a process in which a building or any desired structure model is built off site.

What is Modular Structure?

Modular structure indicates that you can add new module or replace it with affecting existing system. It means completely customizable or modulable

What is prefabricate building?

A prefabricated building, informally a prefab, is a building that is manufactured and constructed using prefabrication. It consists of factory-made components or units that are transported and assembled on-site to form the complete building.

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