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Human life has had been evolving with the transport and the facilities. However, we all have come across the term containers. Apart from its use in transporting the merchants, the containers are widely used for a number of purposes, specifically, converting them into a specific module which suits your business.

Well, at Fabbox services, we have had been dealing with the used storage containers to used steel shipping containers for sale. Firstly, we shall understand the containers and its types in brief before we finally get hold on how to make it available.

Over the years, the growing use of containers has not just opened the door of opportunities for the businesses, but have also erased the hectic brick work. Well, since the containers are tough and can withstand any weather, they are widely used for the conversion. The containers can be converted into any form, ranging from café to a food outlet.

The containers have also come into play to build an office and portable house. So, all of this can be made available only when one finds the right trader of containers, and hence finding one can sometime become tough. We at Fabbox services not only believe in customer driven services, but also ensure that the buyer is shown a variety of containers as that suits the business needs.

We have had been involved in the trading of containers for over the years and hence we are equipped with a team that certainly deals with the trading of containers on daily basis. After having built connection with the clients worldwide, we solely focus on dealing by maintaining the transparency.

So, before we showcase you the variety of containers, we shall help you understand the containers and their types in brief. The below information is charted out by our team of experts who have had been tirelessly working with us for years.

Used Container For Sale

Just the way there are segments of uses of containers, similarly, containers, too, vary as per the applications.

Dry storage container

This container is one of the most commonly used containers in the world. These containers come in different vertices or dimensions and are also recognized by the ISO. These containers are specifically used for transporting the dry materials, and they are commonly designed as per one’s demands. Mostly, the sizes are 20 ft, 60 ft or maybe event 10 ft.

Flat Rock container

These containers are manufactured with collapsible sides. Basically, they are simple storage container in which the two sides or the doors can be folded. Most of the times, the flat rock is transported through this container.

Open top container

Most of the times, there is high demand of the containers in which the materials of any height can be transported, and hence the open top containers play a crucial role in transporting such materials. This container enables one to transport the source of any height, and also minimizes the need of creating a separate container for the source.


Tunnel Container

Containers are huge and are bulky and hence, sometimes, unloading the merchant or goods becomes extremely tough. Just to make sure that the unloading becomes easy, this container is brought in the market. They are widely known for helping one to quickly unload and load the goods. They have been manufactured with the doors on both the sides.


Open Side storage container

Basically, this type of container is used in conversion into a portable house. This container is provided with doors on one side of the container, and the space to load the goods in the container is bigger than its counter containers.


Double Doors Container

This container is manufactured with double doors which makes wider space for loading and unloading of goods. Mostly, the constructional amenities such as steel, iron etc, are stored or transported from this container. Well, the container is made available in standard sizes such as 20 ft and 40 ft.


Refrigerated ISO containers

With the technology taking a giant leap, improvising our daily lives, the refrigerated containers have had been used widely. These containers are designed in such a way that the temperature inside the container can be adjusted. Sometimes, the food is stored in container and hence transporting it to a destination may take up days. So, to make sure that the food doesn’t get affected due to the constant environmental change, the refrigerated containers play a crucial role.


Insulated or Thermal containers

This container is widely used for the long route transportation, as it is insulated in such a way from inside that it can sustain the higher temperatures. They have a longer life due to insulation.



The name itself suggests that this container is specifically used for the transport of the liquid material. It is used larger proportion in the shipping industry. Manufactured by using strong steel and other anti-corrosive materials, the tanks have a longer life and are also handful towards protecting the liquid material placed inside it.


Cargo Storage roll container

Manufactured for transporting the stacks of materials, the Cargo storage containers are foldable. Strong mesh wire and rollers are few of the components that are used to make this container. The rollers placed in it provide easy movement of the containers. Also, these containers are available in a variety of colors due to which it becomes cheerful in the nature for the buyer.


Half Height Containers

This container is made out of heavy steel, but have half the size of the bulky container. This is one of the containers which is used widely in the shipping industry, as not every good can be bulky or larger in height, and hence to minimize the cost of transportation on the larger dimensional containers the half height containers are preferable. Goods like coals, stones or other constructional elements are transported through this container, and also usage of this container helps one ease the effort of loading and unloading.


Car carriers

We can easily acknowledge from the name that this container is specifically used for the transportation of the cars. Manufactured by allotting the collapsible sides, the container enables a care to get in it without any risk of damages. Also, these containers do not let the cars move from the spot, and hence it can be understood that internal engineering of the structure is done in such a way that even the brand-new cars can be migrated for a long distance.


Intermediate Bulk Shift containers

This shipping container are specifically used for the intermediate shipping of goods. Made out of heavy steel and other metal components, the container is well capable of handling the larger goods. Specifically, when there is a need of transporting the material to another place from where the goods can be packed and sent off to the , the intermediate bulk shift container is used.



The drum container is basically a circular shipping container which is manufactured by using the light weight metal and fiber. They are widely used for transporting the liquid good. Being smaller in size, the drum container are not that heavy and also may not need larger space for its storage.


Special purpose container

We can readily understand that this container is popularly used for special purpose. The containers are completely different from the usual containers as they are used most for the security purpose. These containers are largely used in the military segment. They can also be used for the other purposes apart from military, but security of the good is one of the highest priorities that is served through these containers.


Swap Bodies container

This container is largely used in Europe, although they are not designed as per the standardized ISO limits, but that does not stop it from being extremely useful. These containers are manufactured by developing strong bottom, and the upper part of the container is convertible. Today, these containers are widely used for shipping many types of products.

We have referred the above information to help you understand the containers that we can make you available. However, people sometimes do not need a brand new container and hence feel a greater need of buying second hand container, so, the option of second hand container for sale is also delivered by us. Our used storage containers are in good condition, and are also compatible to use it after buying without any need of repairs.

Available Size of Container's in UAE

The second hand container prices may vary as per one’s demand of the container. Most of the times, buyers have a lot of demands towards the containers with respect to its dimension, and hence the actual cost to buy a shipping container depends on the below categories of the containers. The below list of containers are different with its dimensions and uses, but serve the similar purpose.

10 Feet, Standard, High cube, Flat Track, Open top

20 Feet, Standard, High cube, Flat Track, Open top

40 Feet, Standard, High cube, Flat Track, Open top

45 Feet, Standard, High cube, Flat Track, Open top

The above dimensions are categorized as per the type of the container and hence we have a variety of options for the buyers. The 40 to 20 ft shipping container price in UAE may vary. UAE being the hub of the business, there happens to be a greater need of the containers to regulate the manufacturing and transport industries in UAE.

We are one of the top container trading services providers in UAE, although there are number of container trading companies in UAE which, too, deal with the similar approach of providing quality services. However, in UAE, there is huge value for the time and investment and hence trading the container may be dealt with professional approach, and since we have had a team that has dealt in trading the container for years, we follow a strict professional approach that will benefit the buyers without harming the image of Fabbox services.

Container repair services

Apart from trading the container, we also deal with repairing the containers. Containers are used roughly given its dimension and ability to stand any weight. So, sometimes, during the transportation of the goods, the containers suffer breakdown or damages and hence those must be repaired at immediate basis. During such scenarios, one may easily witness the need of an engineer who might rectify the flaw and repair the damages. So, we have not just been able to provide containers but are also an ideal option in container repair companies in UAE.

Container Modification services

Just trading the container may sometimes stop making sense and hence a container must be manufactured by keeping in mind the requirements of the buyers. So, we at Fabbox services, manufacture the container by understanding your requirements. Our team is well equipped to deliver the solution for container requirements or queries. Once the demands or requirements of the buyers are noted down, we further get our engineers involved in container modification task.

From helping an individual organization or the buyer to buy used shipping containers or a newly manufactured container to repairing your container, we at Fabbox services have had been involved in providing the quality services that goes well with your investment. We at Fabbox , do not just take care of your needs but also sure you the quality of the product that we sell.



What is what is container trading.

It is a trading of new and used ISO shipping containers, Offshore Containers,Flat Pack office Containers, for the purpose of sale which leads to Container houses/homes, Container cabins,Cargo containers,Storage rooms.

Use of Shipping Container in UAE?

it is for Mainly used for Storage Containers: Shipping containers are designed and manufactured for the purpose of storing goods. They offer safe and secure storage for your valuables. Shipping containers can be used to store anything from furniture to sporting equipment; they are watertight and durable

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