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The evolving technology in the world has been able to convert every complex dimension simpler and usable with a sustainable approach. The container conversion, sale or leasing is one of the most preferred options and also a trending solution to buy the the rigid and heavy containers on rent, or convert them into desired structures. However, buying, selling or getting the container on the lease cannot be easily found, and hence we shall help you in understanding how to buy and make the container available on lease works. We have dealed with the container leasing. We had built a large network of clients after being in the container leasing business, and by providing quality used container ships for sale. However, we shall help you understand how the container leasing industry works.

Our dedicated container sales and trading department specialize in buying of new and used containers, conversions, container hire and container leasing.

Before we understand the container leasing, we must understand that what are containers. Generally, the containers that we provide on the lease are large in size, typically 40 ft, or few of them could be even above the given size. However, the only reason that they are widely used is because of their rigidness and the ability to withstand any weather in any given condition. These containers are typically converted into office, homes, and other desired structures. However, since the evolvement of this concept, it has become easier for people to get away from the traditional brick work which also requires a huge amount of investment, and hence containers converted are hassle free solutions.

We have had been dealing with used ISO container for sale. However, since the containers vary from one size to other, we have, used 20 ft shipping container for sale, used 40 foot shipping container for sale.

Well, when we talk about the container conversion, Fab Box have been providing hassle free solutions to all of your container conversion projects and container leasing business. Also, since we have been into the business of shipping container conversions, we are well aware of one’s demands. Since container leasing and conversion itself is a complex job, we have a team that mostly deals with the solutions to the hectic process. We believe that since the container leasing industry is going leaps and bounds, there is greater need for us to maintain transparency along with providing quality services. We shall provide you brief information on few of its applications.

Well, over the years, the hospitality industry has had made a transformation that, today, entire world follows. However, since the containers are available in various dimensions, it can also be converted into Mobile Bars or Catering units, which has totally changed the face of the hospitality industry. The concept of container conversion has totally changed the face of the construction. Now, one could readily convert a bulky and a huge container into a beautiful and creative restaurant, mobile bars or a catering unit. The container conversion may not just be profitable in terms of reducing the brick work efforts, but can also be shifted from one place to another since they are portable. One can turn a full blow gourmet to a portable catering unit.

Offices have far been known for the decent decorum that mostly promotes the positive vibes. Well, replacing the traditional construction, the shipping container have replaced the idea of over spending on the brick and cement work. In an area of construction, the plans can sometimes land you in a tricky situation, demanding the mobility of the office, and hence during such times the container conversion office have a greater advantage than the brick work. Containers are usually known for their dimensions. And hence, they can be made available in various dimensions. As we have been into container leasing business, we have the stock of containers that are on sale. Basically, there are two types of containers. Standard Container and High cube container. Since containers are widely known due to the dimensions, the standard containers can range between 8 ft inches high from the ground.

A high cube container can typically range to 9ft 6 inches high. However, the high cube containers have a high demand. But, sometimes, due to the demand containers can also be 45 ft, and making them available can be tough, but since we store a stock, the container of 45 ft can be made available to you, given the demand.

We have been pro-active to deal with the container leasing business. However, making them available can be tricky, as these containers are sometimes used by numerous clients, and hence the company must be able to keep the containers damage free. So, we at Container Leasing services, do not just offer shipping container leasing, but also lease those containers which are damage free.