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Container Concept and Conversions in UAE

Human life is driven by the things which can be made hassle free. Similarly, we all have heard about the huge shipping containers but ever wondered that those can also be converted into various solutions to the expensive puzzles.

Yes, container Concept and conversion in UAE is one of the widely preferred and trending solutions to make the construction of various structures further making it hassle free.

However, finding one of the shipping container conversion companies in UAE can be tough, so, we shall assist you in understanding whether how the concept of container conversion projects in UAE work. The applications of converted containers are plenty, but all of the are segmented as per use.

What is Container conversion?

Well, when we talk about the container conversion, we at FAB BOX LLC services have been providing hassle free solutions to all of your container conversion projects. Also, since we have been into the business of shipping container conversions, we are well aware of one’s demands.

Since container conversion itself is a creative job, we are equipped with a team that focusses mainly on coming up creative and unique models of the project we work on. However, we shall provide you brief information on what is conversion and its applications.

Container conversion can be simply defined as the system or process of converting those containers which are used for carrying cargo and merchant in transport or export companies. However, these containers are large in size, typically 40 ft and above.

And hence, their dimensions play a huge role in converting them to offices and cafeterias. But since the inception of this concept, the technology and creativity has boosted the ability to convert the container into various forms.

We at Container Conversion services have been involved in delivering all the below-mentioned forms of conversions. Below information can help you understand the services we are involved in container conversion projects in UAE.

Best Container Conversion Portfolio

Application of Containers in UAE

Mobile Bars, Restaurants and Catering Units.

Well, over the years, the hospitality industry has had kept evolving by introducing a number of innovations to the world. However, a small part of container conversion into Mobile Bars or Catering units has totally changed the face of the hospitality industry. Shipping container conversion projects has played a crucial role in minimizing the cost of building of a restaurant.

Now, one could readily convert a bulky and a huge container into a beautiful and creative restaurant, mobile bars or a catering unit. The container conversion may not just be profitable in terms of reducing the brick work efforts, but can also be shifted from one place to another since they are portable. One can turn a full blow gourmet to a portable catering unit.

Temporary or permanent shops

Container conversion Dubai is a popular method to reduce the effort of construction. Containers can also be converted into a pop shop. However, there are a number of benefits of the pop shops. Also, in today’s, world, what seem fancy and creative can invigorate energy for the brand and attract a number of customers to the brand. Apart from that the brands or the startups sometime run out of funds and hence the container conversion is pivotal due to the factor of it being cost efficient.

Well, if you have got to attract the consumers or customers, you must think out of the box, and hence the converted containers into pop shops do not just look creative, but also gives an idea of uniqueness. These shops have an advantage of portability and hence if one suffers the problem of business loss in a certain area then the container can be migrated to another desired location which may bring you results. And hence, the pop shops are something that delivers you a number of benefits.

Container for Acoustic Generator rooms

Generally, the generators require a huge space and hence extra construction may not only result in problems such insufficient funds but can also lead to the problem of mobility.

The generators are needed to induce power and apart from the generators in society the acoustic generators may be required to move to a place where the power is needed, and hence the container converted generator rooms may give you a space to move it to the desired location in a case of any requirement.

Offices container in Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah - UAE

Offices have far been known for the decorum. Well, since people mostly thought of the construction as the only way of delivering some cool and amazing office models, the shipping container office have replaced the idea of over spending.

Well, in a construction area, there is often need of an office for the engineers and contactors to discuss the roadmap and hence container are portable, there are chances of moving it from one place to another.

In an area of construction, the plans can sometimes land you in a tricky situation, demanding the mobility of the office, and hence during such times the container conversion office have a greater advantage than the brick work.

Oil Field accommodation Containers in UAE

In oil field area or rigs there is often a problem of construction and hence in such times the containers are used widely to fulfill the needs. Also, the workers working in the oil rigs may require room to reside during their stay at work, and hence container converted into rooms play a crucial role.

The containers are also converted into diesel tanks. Basically, a diesel tanks are provided with dual walls in a case of any leakage from the primary tanks.

Container for Military Barracks in Dubai, Abudhabi, UAE

Military barracks are built for the soldier on the borders. Apart from the borders, the barracks can also be built for the military personal during their stay at any part of a country. Well, during those times, the container can be converted into Military barrack for the stay.

The shipping containers are tough and can sustain any weather. They are heavy and bulky, and hence converting the big size containers into Military abrracks can be a good option.

Container for Security Cabins in Dubai, Abudhabi, UAE

In any under constructional area, the security cabins must be built to provide the stay of a security. However, the cabins can be constructed through brick work, or they can be made available through containers. Containers can be converted into security cabins.

Container for Substation rooms

Basically, Substation is used to step down the high voltage electricity transmitted from the transmission system. The lowered electricity voltage is further provided to the houses and other businesses which require lowered voltage. So, the Substation rooms can also be built through shipping containers.

Container For Agricultural use

We acknowledge the importance of the agriculture industry in any country and hence we have also traced a solution to store the agricultural amenities. The storage to store the agricultural amenities must be weather proof. However, working more than 100 plus agricultural clients, we have designed the containers that can basically support the daily agricultural activities.

Shipping containers, which are large in size and strong enough to hold any weather, are one of the best options of storing the agricultural grains. Animal feed can also be stored in these containers.

Container for sports use

Several sports competition require the dressing rooms and bathrooms. Since containers are bulky and huge, depending upon the sizes, they can be used to create a wonderful dressing room for the sports personalities.

Container For schools

It might sound a bit strange that how containers help schools, but these days most of the educational institutes struggle with the space and hence there is greater requirement for the extra space.

So, adding a container and converting it into a classroom may not be a bad idea. Adding feather to the cap, the container classroom can also be moved.

Container for Water tanks in Dubai, Abudhabi, UAE

Water tanks only require bulky and a rigid container, and shipping containers are sustainable to carry any given weight due to its dimensions. The container turned water tanks can be tough, and large enough to carry any quantity of water from one place to other.

Apart from the above-mentioned applications, the containers have various options of conversion. Basically, converting the container isn’t tough, but designing them according to what may seem best is sometimes tricky.

So, having a team of experts and designers, we XYZ services not just help you in designing the best exterior of the container but can also provide you quality options that may look the converted model unique and best.

Containers on sale

Containers are usually known for their dimensions. And hence, they can be made available in various dimensions. As we have been into container conversion in UAE, we have the stock of containers that are on sale.

Basically, there are two types of containers. Standard Container and High cube container. Since containers are widely known due to the dimensions, the standard containers can range between 8 ft inches high from the ground.

A high cube container can typically range to 9ft 6 inches high. However, the high cube containers have a high demand. But, sometimes, due to the demand containers can also be 45 ft, and making them available can be tough, but since we store a stock, the container of 45 ft can be made available to you, given the demand.

Converted shipping containers into home, offices and café

As the world is pacing with the professional life, we understand the importance of time. And hence, sometimes, converting a container into a home, office or a café can take time. So, to make the work hassle free, we believe that providing ready made converted containers can save a lot of time.

We have been involved in providing readymade shipping container office, home or even café.

Since most of the people like to have the converted container for temporary use, they prefer a second hand container model. We also deal with providing second hand containers which are in a well decorated and are kept in good condition.

We know that designs are purely one’s demands, but our team have been dealing with designing containers by keeping in mind the application and location.

Our operational region

Well, UAE being the hub for visitors to come and explore the business opportunities, we feel that there is a greater need for us to be present in all the important locations of UAE. Abud Dhabi, UAE, Sharjah and Dubai are our operation regions in the vast and rich UAE. The converted containers on sale can be delivered to any mentioned part of UAE.

But, before buying the container or the converted containers, it is recommended that one must consult and discuss the requirements with our team. We have been into business for quite a long time and hence we have ready made designs to suit one’s needs.

However, if an individual is willing to make their own design then our team can be helpful in terms of designing as per what idea you have carried. Once the design is finalized, our team provides you analysis of how the structure may seem, and may also provide correction to it if required.

After analyzing the design and container from all the dimensions, we further start working on its development. The development may take a bit time, and hence people or organizations may also prefer the readymade converted containers. The readymade containers have no flaw and are designed to meet one’s maximum demand from the structure.

We have also observed that these containers converted models are viewed and used in a number of dimensions. Therefore, there is also more space to develop more such models. But all of it depends on one’s needs and ideas of business that needs the converted container.

Shipping container conversion is one of the popular accepted concepts that helps someone save time and other resources. We have been operational in all the areas of UAE, and we have also provided the services to a number of our clients, and thus we are looking to mainly build a strong relationship with consumers across the world.

Driven by the motto of customer satisfaction, we are one stop for all of your needs of container and its conversion into a desired model.



What is Container Conversion.

Container Conversion is system or process of converting used and new containers to different application like office container, cafe container, accommodation container etc.

Different container size Available in UAE Market?

8ft shipping container8ft (2.43m)7ft (2.20m)7ft 6in (2.27m)

10ft shipping container9ft 10in (2.99 m)8ft (2.44m)8ft 6in (2.59m)

20ft shipping container20ft (6.06m)8ft (2.44m)8ft 6in (2.6m)

40ft shipping container40ft (12.2m)8ft (2.44m)8ft 6in (2.6m)

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