Varied Interior Wall Types You Can Find In the Shipping Container

Varied Interior Wall Types You Can Find In the Shipping Container

The shipping container is customizable to any usable structure ranging from emergency hospitals, restaurant to a pool to a dream home. In every structure type, you have to divide the walls of the spaces with varied wall types. While you are about to buy a shipping container, you will notice a hollow space nothing else.

It is the area which you have to utilized and convert the containers into any purpose. Certain parameters must be considered when you are planning about its decoration.

Accordingly, engineers will turn the plan into reality by building the walls and utilizing the spaces. Do you know what some most common interior wall types of the shipping container are?

Let’s have an insight to different interior walls types of the shipping container from this blog.

Drywall Interior Wall in Shipping Container

It is the most common interior wall type mainly used at the time of customization. Once the paneling of the shipping containers is done, it offers a traditional finish and look. As the seams are hidden, it makes perfectly a brick and mortar home. This interior design can be found in most of the shipping container houses.

It is so; because it offers the look of the permanent house and its makes the wall appearance perfectly adheres with one another. But due to less durability, the consistent movement may end up with cracks in the wall resulted by the vibrations to the inner walls.

Plywood Interior Wall

This interior wall type offers rough finish! Rough vibe is not bad yet it is suitable for a workshop where you would like to perform the craft and store every kind of equipment and tools. Even, it offers a perfect look to the work studio as well. The great combination of the paneling and wood is not good for offering a calm feel to the home.

Rather, it will work well for your work studio and workshop. Any kind of businesses and spaces like sauna, restaurant, office spaces and others can possess perfect look with this wall type.

It offers noticeable seams with a rugged texture even after painting and polishing. Hence, it is an outstanding option for the rough environments.

FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Panels)

If plywood is your choice for decorating the interior walls of the shipping containers then, you can consider FRP paneling. It counters a rough texture with the help of a white plastic.

In this type, trim strips are used for hiding the seams and make them unnoticeable. As this wall type comes with the feature of water resistance, it can be washed extensively and easily.

FRP is an ideal option to be used to develop a mobile toilet and restrooms where water is consistently used for cleaning. Hosing down at the time of cleaning is allowed by the wall without resulting in any bad effects on it. But still, it is not so excellent to include in the top choices of shipping containers’ home interior walls.

Sandalwood Interior Wall in Shipping Container

Sandalwood is another fine example of the smooth wall type of the shipping containers. But this inner wall type is not ideal to utilize for living compartments or a commercial space. Unlike plywood, its grain is neither rough nor visible and that makes it an undulating choice for the cozy environment with better finishes.

In this wall type, the seams are covered with the help of trim strips over which paint and polish is applied for smoother appearance. Its greatest advantage is you can easily relocate it without causing any foreseen damages.

That’s why it is a better option for the file and site offices which need immediate and hassle-free relocation.

Steel or Aluminum Sheets Interior Wall in Shipping Container

Mostly used for decorating the exterior of the shipping containers, it can be used for decorating inner walls too. It offers the look of the garages, food-related structures or a food truck. This wall type is insulated too by foam and provides a sleek fine coating.

With this wall type, the seams are visible to the naked eyes too. But interestingly, cleaning procedures of the sheet are so easy which is why it’s perfect for the food environment or a kitchen.

Due to their purposes was to meet the customs’ needs, extreme portability is another benefit you can get with the aluminum or steel sheet. But as everything possesses a downside too, it is not exception from that.

In contrary to other interior wall types, it is the most expensive one because it is engineered with the combination of metal alloy with pure metal.

Perforated Steel Interior Wall in Shipping Container

It is the exact term used for more efficient and high quality steel paneling. The insulation of the walls of the shipping container will be done by the foam and packed under perforated steel to offer a subtler and quieter feeling. Though its cost is incredibly high yet with it the movement becomes the easiest ever. May seams can get noticed with it yet that doesn’t matter!

A shipping container can be your small paradise where you can enjoy every sort of luxury. It can be used for developing a side-gig or a prime business too. Depending on your budget, you should find out the best interior wall solution for your container home.

Before that, you have to contact leading shipping container companies in Dubai to purchase adequate space which you like to convert into your dream sweet home.

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