Top 10 Coolest Repurposed Shipping Containers You Have Ever Found

Repurposed Shipping Containers in Dubai

Nowadays, due to the large number of non-usable shipping containers left over all over the world these are widely used for reconstruction. It can be engineered well for designing industrial-chic art galleries, breweries, coffee shops and food halls. Due to the utmost fun urban vibe and eco-friendliness, here look at top 10 structures of finest recyclable shipping containers:

1. Caffé Umbria

Nestled down in Logan Square of Chicago, this cafe inculcates the modern design of open floor plan for welcoming their guests. Here you can gain an exceptional coffee experience including roastery and coffee lab as well. Enjoy the bold ambiance of this cafe of dandelion yellow and crimson while complementing the flavored and creamy coffee drinks and espresso.

2. Red Fish Blue Fish

This colorful restaurant resides in Pensacola, Florida with the manifestation of both outside and inside restaurant. Though this eatery is made up from shipping containers yet it possesses playful shades of blue and red.
The owner tactically maintains the environmental stewardship passion by installing it in the reclaimed wood. The walkway with the rows of solar panels is none less than an adventurous trail. If you are attracted to beach then you must try the sea food of this eatery.

3. Crackheads

It is designed with an overall fast-casual all-day breakfast concept. However, it has a full bar along a food hall spotted in Carlsbad, California. Being made from shipping containers, you can find this awesome eatery next to a juice bar popular as Choice Juicery. Interestingly, this juicer is also engineered from a repurposed shipping container. With the features of turf-style grass, picnic tables and cornhole both of them are pet-friendly and kid-friendly.

4. Tiny Urban Escapes

Tiny Urban Escapes is all-new lodging concept comprises of 5 semi-glass cabins taken from shipping containers. A few minutes away from downtown, it is settled down in the lush greenery providing utmost serenity and peace.
Here you can find every amenity of the boutique hotel like access to the keyless rooms, luxury toiletries and thread-count linens. You are also offered with the two bicycles per cabin for cycling in adjacent biking trails.

5. MerSea

Located at the Treasure Island of San Francisco, It is the latest eco-friendly eatery in the town completely built from shipping containers. This stylish restaurant is mainly an industrial-chic area housing a private dining room, a kitchen, dining area and an indoor bar.
There is a bocce court and putting green next to the outdoor dining experience. Simply, it boosts he panoramic view of the skyline of the city- Golden Gate Bridge and The Bay Bridge.

6. The Eddy

It is a fun-filled exterior beer garden spotted in Reno Downtown in Nevada. Not only the body of the brewery but also the food counters and the seating areas are designed from the shipping containers.
Its unexpected look imposes a modern space for gathering and offering a funny industrial vibe in the city’s heart. Here, you can indulge in giant friendly crusade Connect Four Game and several rounds of cornhole. Even you can enjoy live music in the pub as well.

7. Detroit Shipping Company

In summer, Detroit Shipping Company is welcomed by Motor City. Above 20 shipping containers are stacked together to develop the ultra-modern 2-storey structure. It is featured with 5 fast-causal eateries like Brujo Tacos and Tapas and MotorBurger. It also houses an ice cream stand, a coffee shop and 2 full bar as well. This building is even remained in high demand always for podcast studio and on-demand screen printing.

8. Arts Alley

Apart from eateries and bars, recycled shipping containers are also used for developing a unique style of space a stunning collection of art galleries. Popularly known as Arts Alley, it is a grand project of Hapeville Arts Alliance and located in Hapeville Georgia. It is connected by a meander of brick walkway where you can have brisk walking or strolling.

9. Steel Craft

It is an outdoor dining hall tailored stylishly from shipping containers. Being nestled down in Long Beach, California, it actually comprises of local 4 window-style restaurants including Desano Pizza and Pig Pen Delicacy. It has also some sleek stalls of waffle treats, shave ice, craft crews and artisan coffee. Moreover, 2 urban-style SteelCraft eatery outposts are work in progress from shipping containers for Bellflower and Garden Grove.

10. Odette Estate

As the famous as well as stylish winemaker’s lab and office, the Odette Estate Winery in Napa Valley, California has restrooms and break rooms for employees too. All of these are superbly constructed from the recycled shipping containers. Due to the highly exposed ceilings, eco-friendly spaces, elegant fixtures of LED lights and recycled plywood flooring, it offers an unimaginable pub vibe that you could ever imagine off!

Here are the top 10 exemplary structures of shipping containers from all over the world. Now, you can also some developing structures in Dubai, UAE too. It is considered as the most affordable and luxury construction you can ever find!

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