Steps To Transform Shipping Containers into Cafes and Restaurants

transform shipping containers into cafes and restaurants

You may trust or not but a traditional shipping container can be transformed into the updated semi mobile restaurant. But just like a trailer or a food truck, it will not possess such mobility. Even no wheels or running engine will be installed in it to make it able for daily travel.

Still, you have any plan to run any business for a semi-permanent time period then, this can be your realistic option throughout a season or on specific festivals. Moreover, after the full transformation, it requires the flatbed along with wheels to shift it from a location to another.

Container kitchen needs utmost care during the movement with the help of the trailer. Driver’ experienced must be ensured as it is the most dangerous thing to do for promoting the chance of damage to kitchen appliances. Until, it gets loaded over flatbed truck the risk will not be reduced at all.

Varied sizes of shipping containers available in UAE

Varied sizes of shipping containers available in UAE

Typically, 8 feet is the standard width of the shipping container. Apart from 8.5 feet, you can also find high cube shipping container with 9.5 feet. As there is optimum flexibility in the options of length of the container, some most recommended ones are given below for your reference:
• 40 feet
• 20 feet
• 10 feet
• 8 feet
To develop a commercial as well as larger kitchen including restaurant facility, 20 or 40 feet shipping containers can be your perfect choice. Even, it will help in offering some seating facility too to the customers

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Steps to convert a shipping container into mobile kitchen in UAE

Steps to convert a shipping container into mobile kitchen in UAE

Certain steps are there to follow for full transformation of the restaurants or cafes from the shipping container. These are discussed below. So, let’s check them out.

Step I: Look for the container of right size

By making an investment of about $3,000 you can buy a full brand-new shipping container of 10 feet. It will ensure that there is no blemishes or dings on its outside. However, if wear and tear isn’t a matter to you, the used one can be picked up at around $500 saving you plenty of money.

As these are specifically designed for transportation across the globe you should never worry regarding its purchase on the basis of its use. Instead, it should be bought on the standpoint of functional ability. A fresh coating of paint can be applied once you bought it for hiding the blemishes.

It is also advisable to buy the used container if you have seen it in real. Otherwise it is tough for you to know in which conditions it has been gone through. While you are going to review it, you can check extensively for its holes, rust and general dampness.

Even, wearing down of the container beyond the repairing level can be noticed as well. You should know the common mistakes most people make while buying the used shipping containers in UAE to avoid it promptly and receive the standard one.

Step II: Determine its measurement and make necessary cut

Once your shipping container is received, accurate measurement needs to be done from where you should cut it. A mandatory cut is required as the serving window which will help the guests for walking and carrying up their orders. You may find several restaurants have 2 serving windows for ensuring the proper air circulation of the room.

Additional openings are reliable for optimal ventilation too. Also, you have to plot an area to cut for giving the access to your employees into the modular kitchen. During cutting and measuring out of the steel from the container, concentration level must be high and enough.

If you are a newbie then it will be better to seek the assistance of an experienced professional. Otherwise, it will result in removal of large as well as unnecessary chunks. Furthermore, over cutting deteriorates the structural unit of the container too. A trick for restoring the length of the container is to offer the separate steel beams to the model.

Hence, with this reliable trick, project can be saved too even after cutting out high amount of the steel from its body. Once the outline is marked with the thick marker to cut down, it must be accomplished by using an angle grinder. It also has a unique grinding process. It should be started from the bottom gradually going upwards by cutting down the sides.

Step III: Design and install the kitchenette

On completion of the cutting of the external windows, right time has arrived for plotting the mobile kitchen. As you have the design layout already, kitchen appliances can be installed there easily. Even the list of important equipment is needed for the execution of every appliance. For this, think about the menus you are going to serve to the city people.

Accordingly, purchase all its relevant equipment to convert the container into the kitchen. During making layout, consider the essential aspects along the necessity of open space. The number of cooks you will hire is also important for making a layout. Comfortable cooking space is essential in case you are going to spend long 8 hours in cooking and serving.

Remember, the conversion of the shipping container into the kitchen can be used as a food truck too by selling food items. However, for this you have to pass every regulation of the local health code.

Generally, in most cases in Dubai, you can find the installation of the three compartment sink for both customers and employees to wash the hands properly. Moreover, separate systems of cold water as well as hot water will be there too.

If you have any plan of developing the shipping container in the future purposes, you should hire the experienced one. As they have dealt with every aspect of mobile building like kitchen, electrical and plumbing design, you will be assured to obtain a durable semi-permanent commercial destination.

If you are concerned about the design and interior, check out the top 10 coolest restaurants ideas from shipping containers to check out latest design and ambiance. This will provide you some cool ideas to make your business successful.

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