shipping container sizes in UAE

shipping container sizes in uae

Varied Dimensions of Shipping Containers On The Basis Of the Type

You already know that storage containers also known as shipping containers come in a comprehensive range of sizes in in Dubai& UAE. Amongst them 40ft and 20ft of the shipping containers sizes are most common along with the 8’’width and standard external length. Generally, the container height is 6’8” but a higher cube can owe extra height of 9’ 6” as well.

But the latest range of small-sized shipping containers is outstanding for equipping in the small areas with tightest nook. Furthermore, it can be a great solution for decorating the restricted space.

Internal dimensions of a standard-sized shipping container

Most of the time, corrugation can be observed when it comes to the container and its sides. Usually, the corrugation depth is 25mm (1 inch). It clearly depicts that 50mm (2 inches) from the dimension of external width gets lost (each side 1 inch).

Corrugation is also there at the blank end (back side) and at doors near about 50 mm (2 inches) thickness gets lost which is approx 75 mm (3 inches) from the container’s length.

The reduction of the dimension from internal to external takes place mainly due to the height. Any standard container’s floor must be of approx 150 mm (6 inches) of the underside clearance with the thickness of 1.1 inches (27 mm).

Due to the corrugation of the roof another 25 mm (1 inch)gets lost leading to the internal dimension of less than 8 inches from that of the external dimension which is 2.39 m (7 Ft 10 inches). However, this measurement can greatly vary due on the basis of the preferred construction method and the thickness of the floor.

As a steel top rail is installed on the door which results in the declining of the height of the door, it is the key integrity of the structure of the container. Basically, it consumes 100 mm (4 inches) lowering the height of the entrance 2.28 m (7’ 6”) can vary the measurement greatly.

Weights of the container

3 relevant weights are there for the shipping containers like the Payload, the Gross Weight and Tare Weight. It has been painted on the external part of container doors prior to the service of its repainting again for any other application.

Tare Weight is referred to the container weight except contents or cargo. Gross weight is the container weight along with maximum Payload i.e., the utmost total container weight. Net weight (Payload) is the contents or cargo weight a container is able to hold.

Dimensions of 20 feet and 40 feet containers:

Container Type20 Ft20 Ft High Cube40 Ft40 Ft High Cube
(L x W x H)
6090mm x 2440mm x 2590mm6090mm x 2440mm x 2900mm12180mm x 2440mm x 2590mm12180mm x 2440mm x 2900mm
(L x W x H)
6010mm x 2340mm x 2390mm6010mm x 2340mm x 2690mm12110mm x 2340mm x 2390mm12110mm x 2340mm x 2690mm
Door opening
(W x H)
2280mm x 2310mm2280mm x 2580mm2280mm x 2310mm2280mm x 2580mm
Tare Weight2050 kg2230 kg3750 kg3890 kg
Pay Load
(Net Weight)
28430 kg28250 kg26730 kg26590 kg
Max Gross Weight30480 kg30480 kg30400 kg30480 kg

Dimensions of smaller or new build containers:

Container Type6 Ft8 Ft10 Ft
(L x W x H)
1980mm x 1950mm x 1910mm2438mm x 2200mm x 2260mm2991mm x 2438mm x 2591mm
(L x W x H)
1800mm x 1860mm x 1730mm2275mm x 2106mm x 2050mm2831mm x 2344mm x 2376mm
Door opening
(W x H)
1850mm x 1690mm2070mm x 1945mm2310mm x 2280mm



The shipping container sizes mentioned above are basic size indication of it. However, dimension of the each unit of the shipping container gets fluctuated. The unit fabrication process can cut down the weight and size of the containers and they can’t be always true to the above mentioned measurements.

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