Shipping Container Office & It’s Advantages

The construction industry is developing and embracing new trends. You might have noticed that one of the most recent & popular trends in construction is converting shipping containers into offices. People have embraced this trend because it has so many advantages over the traditional way of construction.

Shipping containers can be converted to deliver a flexible and mobile ground-level office. Shipping container office provides a polished and professional workspace in a safe, eco friendly & climate-controlled environment.

Shipping container office does not require a lot of work compared to other traditional building structures. This is because it already comes assembled. So you don’t need to build from scratch. We can modify these assembled shipping containers into attractive & elegant designs with less cost.

ADVANTAGES OF shipping container office

FOBOXX is the leading provider of shipping container offices all over Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Uae.

FAB BOXLLC is world #1 Container Conversions & Shipping Container Manufacturers based in Uae. We are specialized in the business of Container Solutions, Shipping Container Manufacture, shipping container homes, Container Trading, Pre-engineered Steel Modular Construction, Container Conversions, Shipping Container, Steel Modular Construction, modifying shipping containers, Marine Container & Structural Fabrications.

Faboxx is the market leader in shipping container office conversions & we provide the unique design matching with your requirements. Our shipping container office solutions range from basic home office conversions to multi-story developments that will help you and your business flourish.

  • Easier to construct – It takes very little time to put together the shipping container office. The modifications can be done off-site to reduce time.
  • Easier to move or relocate Shipping containers are easy to transport from one place to another.
  • Attractive price – shipping container office can be designed in an attractive price. Buying a new or used shipping container for construction is cheaper than building an office using traditional materials
  • Shipping Container Offices Are stronger than traditional offices as they build with strong steel to withstand rough & bad climate conditions of the sea.

shipping containers are made to withstand the rough & tough conditions of the sea. Their strength makes them ideal for modifications and no extra work is needed to make them secure.


SIZE: The size of the container depends on the size of the office space you need. We, Fabbox can design container offices of any size at any location.

NEW OR USED CONTAINER : Brand new or used shipping containers also can be used to build container offices. As everyone knows used items would be cheaper than the fresh ones, but the fresh shipping containers will be in pristine shape and condition

DELIVERY FEES: Depending on your location, the delivery of the container could be included or charged separately. Ask before you buy it.

Consult with well experienced & professional design team of Fabbox for all your shipping container office requirements.

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