Shipping Container Conversion Provides Clean Drinking Water in Developing Countries

Shipping Container Conversion Provides Clean Water

The leading conglomerates such as Coca-Cola and Deka R&D have been collaborated to launch a project. In this project, about 2000 shipping containers water tank will be used for installing water purifying stations. There will be a module known as Dubbed Ekocenter is designed meticulously for reaching out the facilities to the developing and isolated communities and regions

So, from now onwards the people in these regions will be able to drink pure safe drinking water. Even access to solar power charging and Wi-Fi technology are provided to them at the same time.

The prototype of this water filtration containercentre hub Ekocenter has undergone several phases of testing in Heidelberg, South Africa. It equips a bright red long shipping container of 20 feet (6 m) with covered solar panels

Also a device of Slingshot water purifier container is installed in it for utilizing the vapor compression distillation so that pure and distilled drinking water can be produced and served to the people of different regions

Slingshot was also invented by the President of Deka R&D Dean Kamen. Even he is the guy who has founded Segway as well. Typically, sea container conversion system will be operated with the help of the cow dung for purifying any source of unclean water (sea and river water). It treats the water and makes it fit for consumption by the people.

Every machine is engineered in such a way so that it can serve approx 225 gallons (850 liters) of water on a daily basis and that too by using natural resource. Even it consumes very little amount of electricity in contrary to that of the hair dryer as well (1 kWh).

The Skysource /skywater Alliance WEDEW System
The Skysource /skywater Alliance WEDEW System

So the framework of Ekocenter has decided to hire female entrepreneurs to give the responsibility or its daily operation. Anticipation is also made that the Ekocenter will be regarded as the central hub for other associated job roles too.

It includes refrigerated vaccines and medications storage, downloadable education kits, internet access, solar-powered charging services for lamps and mobiles and much more. This will ensure that the communities are enjoying even, proper and uninterrupted services.

The water purifying stations will be spooted up soon in other parts of the world. Till now the proposed countries’ name are North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa. If it proves to be efficient and excellent in the long run then it is expected that it will be adapted by every country for attaining the purpose of drinking water.

By the end of 2020, it is hoped high amount of water can be produced every year to meet the scarcity of drinking water in various remotes areas. Local partners are finding by Coca-Cola so that regular checks and maintenance job can be assigned to them ensuring safe drinking water supply to every region with the compliance to health standards.

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