Shipping Container Café: Reincarnation of Cafeteria Business in UAE

Not only bricks and mortar, modern-day structures are also relied on recycled and eco-friendly materials. The most famous option which is getting preferred today is the refurbished shipping container. This cargo container can be instilled into gyms, swimming pools, café, offices, home and so on.

Even it has stepped a foot forward to serve the eatery business as well. Earlier, it is only prepared for serving the food outlets and restaurants. Now, it is holding its grasp for container coffee shop design as well. Let’s look how it changes the entire outlook of modern cafes from this blog.

Upcycling of the cargo containers into cafes

In the past few years, the industry of food & beverage has experience a drastic transformation on the basis of both function and structure. Modification concept dominates the roost as it gets warm welcome from the industry all over the world. The industry acknowledges that the shift is proving new dimension in the eatery business in the form of viable solutions for constructions.

Why shipping container café becomes so popular?

Several reasons are there behind the grand popularity of shipping container coffee shop. Let’s check some of them from this section:

  • Portability : As shipping container is used for the construction of the café, its relocation will become easier than ever. It will make the café similar to that of the food truck avoiding every inconvenience to maintain the motor vehicle. Even your café is always ready to move to a new location for serving people during festivals and events.
  • Hygiene: Any cargo shipping container café gets accommodated with extraordinary amenities of basic eatery as well like plumbing and kitchen areas. It ensures the safety and cleanliness of the food served to the guests.
  • Security :Shipping sea containers are robust and can guarantee any stored equipment and supplies’ safety. Even when it’s about storage for night and day you can rest assure with this reliable and durable option.
  • Flexibility:On picking up of the business, scaling or further improvement can be easily done with shipping container. Moreover, you know what the best for your business is!
  • Physical asset :On renting a place, the money spent on rent is considered as dead or wastage. Even the modifications you make can’t be relocated to any new place. However with shipping container café conversions, the entire structure is yours and you are the sole owner of it. Even it can be moved to any new place you want as it’s your asset.

Features of shipping container café

When cafes are reinvented by the incorporation of the shipping container then varied traditional and new modifications are done. These are installed in the cafeteria’s structure to provide the customers an impressive ambiance, facility and much-needed comfort. Some of the remarkable features of these days cafes are mentioned below:

  • Laminate flooring
  • Full-length side opening and lockable doors
  • Awnings and decking
  • Retail-style lightings
  • Preparatory areas including sinks, plumbing and worktops
  • Full electrical facility along with heating, light and power

Benefits of shipping container café in UAE

By attaining the stunning architectural excellence even without causing any harm to environment, it is the home of numerous outstanding benefits as well. Some of them are given below for your reference:

  • Complete weather resistant
  • Lightweight, easy dismantling and assembling feature
  • Extremely durable
  • Add-on high mobility
  • Latest designing trends
  • Plausible credibility
  • Eco-friendly in nature
  • Installation is possible even in tight budget
  • Easy extension for future expansion plan

Customizable interiors of the shipping container café

Interesting part of the shipping container café designs is all about its appearance, seating facility and ambiance. In the previous section you have come across the appearance and external benefits of owning a container café. However, this section will deal with its internal amenities. Although there is limited space in this architectural concept yet it houses endless number of amenities.

It possesses both voguish and cosmopolitan decoration to serve the aristocrats and elites. There will be trendy graphics and furniture, fire management system varied essential structural sign-offs and lots more. Overall it will be a complete package for eatery business.

So, if you have a plan to open a café in future, don’t investment for expensive and hassle. Instead with shipping container conversion choose to invest in affordable and smart solution for your business.

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