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shipping container schools in UAE

School is the prime need of a student to get basic education, disciplines and morale in their life. But the entire institution can be a worthy example to the students. Yes, with the help of the shipping container school it can be easily possible. It will be an efficient alternative traditional structure with eco-friendliness and touch of modernity.

This modular construction can be performed on the site itself and will get finished within a couple of weeks. This clearly states that after a few weeks you will about to start your school and that too at reasonable price.

Moreover there will be no hassle during the construction period as it eliminates the chances of disruption and risk related to the construction at the time of lively school environment. A two-level school building is easy to erect with the help of this serviced cargo container. Let’s read on this blog to know how!

Plan for classroom container conversion

Plan for classroom container conversion

At first, a sketch of the shipping container school design will be made for the proposed building in several parts of UAE. On ground floor, there will be a specific store area for storing various types of equipment including sport equipment.

Additionally, a drying room will be also there so that students can perform sport activities there during wet weather. The upper level will be entirely used for staff meeting room and classrooms along decked patios.

Conversion inclusion

  • Meeting room or classroom along patio deck
  • Drying room
  • Store room

Considering the pros and cons

On opting for the shipping container school building conversion, numerous advantages can be obtained by the specific school. It will be much more useful and beneficial in contrary to other school building methods. Using of shipping containers will make the entire job affordable than other available substitutions and the added benefits will make school full-fledged educational institution for the students.

Nowadays, the modular building flexibility is really appealing due to its easy installation and disassembling feature. Even it can be reinstalled at any location without being hassled at the same time. Furthermore, it is helpful in recycling the environment by utilizing the ex-shipping containers as the replacement of traditional construction materials.

  • Eco-friendly building material
  • Budget-friendly conversion of shipping container
  • Mobile building which can be relocated and shifted at any location

All these merits and demerits of constructing a school building will be considered by the school committee. However, with this option you can commence the project immediately for securing the students’ future.

Pre-installation conversion work
Pre-installation conversion work

Although converting a shipping container into a school building involves numerous procedures. Yet the optimum space is created by shedding off the side walls of the container and reinforcing it from the sections which have been cut off!

How an energy efficacious classroom can be obtained in a tight budget?

If any school wants the entire building to be energy efficient but cut out due to a tight budget then shipping container can be their ultimate solution. Under the boarding of plywood in the floor insulated thermal sheets can be installed. By installing the bi-folding patio doors and double-glazed windows,the green credentials of the building will be influenced further.

Grafotherm is a spraying product applied in the entire inside of the container. This cost-saving coating is also applied to ceiling and upper walls for alleviating the problems of condensation.

The key areas of conversion are mentioned below:

  • Preparing and re-painting of the external surface
  • Application of anti-condesation paint (Grafotherm) inside
  • Bi folding patio doors
  • Double glazed windows
  • Re-painting the external side of the container in dark green for easy blending it with the site or green environment
  • Damaging the wall sides of the container and reinforcing it to make plenty of spaces as usually classrooms have
  • Install the insulation feature with the help of thermal sheets under boarding of plywood

Post-installation work

On finishing the construction of the entire school structure, remaining modification task is being completed. It includes:

  • Final touch-up painting
  • Staircase installation to get access to upper level
  • Adding of the deck in the patios
  • Instead of glass using of Perspex in the installed balustrade to protect it from getting damaged by cricket balls and other sport equipment

The final outcome: Budget-friendly and environment-friendly school building

By choosing shipping container for school adequate space can be provided in a limited budget. In fact, you can establish a mobile school which needs not any fixed location as address. Relocation will be easier for the school building as it possesses easy repositioning and disassembling feature as per the convenience

Due to the use of serviced shipping container in such a great project, it could set an example for the students as well as other people in the future. Apart from proper education, the structure of the building will allow the students to learn the usage of eco-friendly products and make the Earth green and sustainable.

Conservation of energy can be done with the help of the double glazing and insulation which are equally learnable by the students to utilize in the future as well.

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