Is Shipping Container The Ideal Answer For Global Housing Crisis?

Is Shipping Container The Ideal Answer For Global Housing Crisis?

Throughout the world, there are billions of people homeless or tenants! Amongst them, a majority of tenants reside in unsecured rented accommodation. Sometimes, the rental cost becomes unbearable for them at the same time.

The housing crisis condition is quite shaky to some parts of the world along Dubai as most of the people are accommodating in the “informal settlements”. It is because; the price of the standard apartments of homes gets excessively high!

And also the real estate and construction firms are more emphasized in developing magnificent high-end units. Naturally, its cost price will be soaring high too. When everyone hunts for radical solution, the numbers of shipping containers are maximal always and thus one can make best use of it.

Who actually resides in the shipping container?

accommodation container in uae
accommodation container in uae

Unused shipping containers are practical, secured and strong solution. All of these qualities sound perfect for mass transit and storage, but are they ideal for comfortable accommodation too? For certain people the innovation of utilizing of shipping containers into a cozy home is unappealing, impractical and unfeasible.

But rather considering it as the final good, consider it as the raw material or as exoskeleton for a reasonable future home. When you start with the transformation in reality, you will find that there are innumerable things can be done with the containers. It can be fitted with running water supply, electricity, indoor partitions, doors and windows including proper insulation too!

What else a person needs in the home? A shipping container is easily transformable into a cozy house within shortest time possible. Even several containers can be taken for stacking on one each other for making a multi-storied house. Hey are you thinking whether a person can stay comfortably in the shipping container or not?

Then, for once forget about the residence and think about the reaction acquired by the retail stores, restaurants and cafes which have been modeled from shipping containers. If it is about enjoying luxury in an affordable home then, there is no better one than total container solutions for world housing crisis as it is actively desirable.

It is the key to modern urbanization

Utilizing of unused shipping containers in UAE to accommodate is a type of modular construction. Majority of its work can be done offsite and once it gets completed it will be transported to the desired location for its installation. This is the prime reason that its transformation can get completed within a short time period.

Several examples of villages of shipping containers can be noticed these days which are developed close to brownfield sites for encouraging new urban development along with play, work and leisure. Furthermore, most of the villages are coupled with entertainment, dining and shopping venues means the right place for accommodation.

Within a few months, a leftover piece of land can be utilized into a new village where life’s quality is extremely high with low cost of living! In contrary to standard accommodation, the cost of transforming a shipping container into a home is not so high! Even its running cost is minimal and affordable for all including its all-electric system.

Shipping container accounts multiple crises

Apart from addressing high quality affordable housing to a number of homeless persons, it helps in another way too. By making the shipping containers fit for human use, it accounts the major as well as current global issue, about which the entire world is concerned of- global warming.

Have you ever wondered why there are such a huge number of unused containers across the globe? Simple, the shipping of the empty containers to their original place is quite expensive and unbearable. Moreover, even shipping companies and firms prefer to use new containers for every shipment.

As a result, it ends up millions of trash and unused containers here and there left for being rusted. Obviously, these containers can be melted completely by using 8,000 kWh of energy for recycling. That’s why it is also the greener option of housing than other types of building.

In fact, the cement industry emits the highest amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air. However, with this, it not only eradicates the emission of carbon dioxide but also a finest example of Reuse and Recycle.

Is it ideal against the global housing crisis?

The inability to afford a proper housing is probably the key reason to global crisis of housing! It is considered as the most complicated issue which has no rapid restoration. In several countries including UAE, rather than ownership or fundamental requirement, it is considered as the most useful tradeable asset.

However, by erecting proper as well as affordable houses the global housing crisis can’t be deal with overnight! But as the situation is getting worsened and desperate over time, creative problem-solving approach must be taken. Just look there are billions of homeless people and millions of unused shipping containers as well. Get any idea, then?

Although shipping containers cannot be the housing solution for a person. But at least, it can provide you a proper home at an affordable price. Still it is debatable whether it can be regarded as the future of feasible housing and an apt answer to global housing complex or not. But it can be the great initiative to get started with for changing the society!

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