How to buy your next shipping container?

How to Buy Shipping Container in UAE

Finally, you have taken the decision for joining the biggest revolution of the era- shipping container home! You have planned already; choose the site for settling down and preparing for welding the container to be shaped into durable, luxurious and comfy home.

Have you ever thought about the next plan? Of course, at first you have to buy shipping container in UAE of the exact shape and size to meet your demand of a home. But how will you do that?
Well, continue reading this blog as it will clear your confusion of how to buy a shipping container. So, let’s get started.

buy shipping container in uae
buy shipping container in uae

Look for a reputed distributor

The very first thing you should do to get a shipping container is to find a reliable distributor. With the immense popularity of the shipping container, it has become the most affordable option to bring you a new as well as comfy home. Everyday a large number of distributors are getting spotted up everywhere in the world to meet the daily demand of the people regarding shipping container.

To buy steel shipping container, you can browse online to have a look at the international list find the reliable ones in your locality or any other nearby areas. Always choose the dealer who can deliver the container to the mentioned spot with transportation on 18-wheeler truck.
Even there are some dealers who do some basic modifications in the container to make it perfect to convert into a home with no additional cost at the same time.

Give size the main priority

If you really wish to purchase a shipping container, then you have to consider a number of factors. Among them size is the key factor without which you can’t make your dream home comes into reality. You are recommended to opt for a leading brand for joining multiple units of container resulting in your comfy home.

Furthermore, high cubes (HQ) are best to choose as they are really big in size. Not only that; but these are also provide you with disaster-relief residential housing at reasonable price.

Otherwise small size can lead to the feeling of claustrophobic after complete installation and finish. Length is variable ranging from 8-53 feet with 40 and 20 feet height respectively. Interestingly, the transportation and modification costs after purchasing a shipping container are depended on its size.

Always go with the licensed welders

You may think it is fun to hire a plasma cutter to give the shipping container the desired shape of the home, but it is actually not! Cutting and framing the container needs special hacks and tricks to be known which is only possible for the professional welder.

So, it is better to hire only licensed and experienced welder who can do the job for you in the most appropriate way. In case the fabrication is done at the respective shipyard or shop then the total expense will be more budget-friendly in the long haul.

Don’t neglect condition and age of the container

Another prime element which can’t be ignored when buying a container is its condition and age. When you visit to buy a shipping container a myriad of options will be offered ranging from 8-10 years old to one-trippers. All these container samples are different from each other in terms of warping, dents and rust.

To some DIY housing experts, perfect condition is valued less than that of the sustainability and cost. While, one the other hand, some suggests “one-trippers” as they are in good condition although a bit expensive than the previous ones. But the serial number of each container allows you to track its past history for assessing its current condition.

Apart from that, check the container extensively to locate the potential issues such as corrosion, damaged door seals, dents and holes. Make use of your nose too for verifying the condition of the wood flooring along with the strange smell of pesticides. These can cause due to the transportation of unpleasantly odiferous goods which need to be removed or sealed during engineering of the home.

Now, you can buy metal shipping container in UAE without any worry or hesitation. Consider the above-mentioned points to grab the container of right size. Welders will be there to accomplish your dream of a comfortable home to settle in.

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