Everything You Should Know About 20 Ft Shipping Container

20 ft shipping container dimension

Nowadays, shipping containers possess a gamut of uses ranging from warehousing to office space. Any sort of materials like dried grains, scrap metals and high-density products can be shipped to any other countries by loading in it.

With the availability of plethora of models for 20 foot storage container both used and new you can make any transformation and eco-friendly yet modern housing structure for commercial, residential and storage purposes.

Dimensions of 20 feet shipping container

Typically, the 20 feet shipping container has two measurements. The detailed 20 ft shipping container dimensions of each of these are mentioned below for your reference.

Measurement20ft Standard20ft High Cube
External Length20ft20ft
External Width8ft8ft
External Height8ft 6″9ft 6″
Internal Length19ft 8″19ft 8″
Internal Width7ft 8″7ft 8″
Internal Height7ft 10″8ft 10″
Floor Space160sqft160sqft

Internal dimensions of 20 feet container

The internal dimensions of 20 feet container are given below:

  • In feet: 19’ 4” long x 7’ 9” wide x 7’ 10” high
  • In meters: 5.898m long x 2.352m wide x 2.393m high
  • Usable Capacity: 32.6m3

It comprise of a floor space of 1462 feet (13.86m2) with 33.2m3 (11723 feet) of volume. On the basis of the kind of pallet, it can easily adjust 12 Euro pallets and 10 standard pallets in it with no stacking.

Dimensions of 20 feet shipping container
Dimensions of 20 feet shipping container

Different types of 20 feet container

In this section, we will have a look at the different types of 20-feet shipping containers. The uses and features will be entailed here for you as well. So, let’s start.

20ft. Standard (Dry) Container

The standard size of the shipping container is mainly used for intermodal transportation and portable storage. This industry standard size makes the container easy for loading, accessibility and handling. Moreover, it can be the excellent storage for high-density items including metals and dried grains.

Due to its one-car garage capacity it can get fit well in a limited space too. Numerous units can be used for storing the products safely. At present, you can obtain this 20ft container for sale with next-business day delivery option.

20ft. Double-Door Container

Being a versatile option, it equips doors at both back and front of the unit for enabling easy accessibility for sorting, retrieving and storing goods and materials. If you are looking for transforming a 20ft container office then it is the best option available at present.

Modification of this shipping container becomes easy with an additional of partition for obtaining separate spaces for office and storage. Even it can be transformed into retail kiosks as well. It possesses great capacity and can load any high-density goods and items.

2x10ft. Duocon Container

Interestingly, this type possesses 20-feet container storage capacity along with the accessibility of dual-door unit. It comes with the feasibility of dual separate spaces. Basically, it is made from welding 2 ten-feet shipping containers for enhancing its ability. However, apart from easy tackling methods and loading techniques, it is highly cost-efficient when it comes to shipping 2 separate 10-feet container separately.

20ft. Refrigerated Container

This one has the pre-installed factory refrigeration unit with lowest humidity and chilled temperatures. It is mainly used for saving paper, chemicals and food from condensation, mold and heat. As another versatile option, it promotes easy loading, tackling and accessibility. Apart from refrigeration, you can acquire non-working reefer (insulation) facility as well. During selection try to obtain the one which you actually need by differentiating each of them.

20ft. Insulated Container

If any goods need to be protected from mold and condensation then this one is the right option. It works efficiently in keeping the goods protected during interior temperature fluctuations. A wide range of items can be transported and stored along with leather, paper, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and foods.

These can be handled easily and known as versatile due to its huge and handy length. During selecting any insulated container you must get familiar with the basic difference.

20ft. Open-Top Container

This kind offers a convenient method for unloading and loading goods with the help of crane from it. Its tarpaulin and roofbows are removable completely which can be fastened securely for intermodal transportation and portable weatherproof storage. This one is ideal for using as engine parts, large generators, recyclables and loading heaps of grains.

20ft. Collapsible-End Flat Rack

This shipping container type has undergone a number of specialized challenges for shipping items worldwide. After it passed out successfully it is used in a number of ways. Although it has only panels not walls it is widely used for the transportation of special-project cargo and oversized loads.

Loading can be done both from sides and top at the same time. Being made from steel platform it is used as temporary ditch for creeks and spanning ditches. It is foldable as base for easy storage and stacking while not in use.

Packing furniture in 20-foot shipping container

Follow the below-mentioned easy tips to load the container for shipping to some foreign countries:

  • Heavy items should be placed below light ones
  • Stack boxes can be positioned on one another
  • Bubble wrap will protect the items
  • Re-assembling goods should be dismantle to wrap in boxes for loading

Vehicles shipping in 20-feet container

When it comes to vehicles shipment, FCL shipping is a must as there is high risk of damage in contrary to shipment with LCL shipping because of limited space. On the basis of car size, almost every model can easily make space in this dimensional container with leaving adequate space for another one too.

Hence, if the models are small then 2 cars can be fitted in 20 ft shipping container easily with no chance of overlapping. Car import comes with numerous restrictions and not every country allows you to do so. So, it is very important to check all custom authorities while planning to bring your car in your country.

Highest loading capacity for 20-feet container

Basically, the unloaded weight of the 20-feet shipping container is 2,300 kg and thus it can load about 25,400 kg (28 tons) of weight. But it is entirely depended on the restrictions imposed by the shipping line in terms of specific shipping details with cargo nature.

Shipping expenditure for a 20 feet container

Expenditure of shipping goods with loaded 20 feet container relies on innumerable aspects along with destination country and items’ nature. Yet you can look for the best competitive price by sharing the furnishing and boxes you need to ship. Otherwise, you have to switch to another large shipping container with increased dimensions.

How much a shipping container cost at the time of purchase?

In the end, every shipping container is sold rather than leaving them to rot. The price of any used 20-feet container will range from $1,100-$2,500 if there is scarce availability. However, if you want to get a brand new one then it can cost you anywhere $2,000-$4,000. But availability is the key factor which flickers the price of the shipping container.


Where can you get 20 ft. shipping containers near me?

Numerous companies are there all over the world meeting the supply of 20 feet shipping container. Find out the best one to buy 20ft shipping container which delivers at your desired location at best prices online.

What is the cost of 20 feet shipping container?

The price varies on the basis of style and size of the container. Even it differs from a location to another. New or used is another aspect contributing the price as well. Delivery location is regarded as an added expenditure.

What are various kinds of shipping container available?

A wide variety can be noticed in the availability of 20-feet shipping container. Some of them are custom office, guard shacks, refrigerated, insulated and residential storage. Even they are accommodated with roll up, side and front open doors as well.

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