Container Storage For All Kind Of Storage Purposes

Self-storage facilities are one of the most demanding things nowadays. Companies & individuals need to keep items and belongings in a safe place. There are two main ways of building a storage space or storage facility. The first one is the traditional brick and mortar method and the other one is container storage. Shipping containers can be easily converted to storage space that is known as container storage.

Setting Up a Storage Facility By Using Converted Shipping Containers

converted storage containers are a perfect choice for your storage requirements or for extra storage. Shipping containers are built to withstand the rough & tough conditions of the sea making them suitable for every environment. Their strength makes them ideal for modifications and no extra work is needed to make them secure. This ability has made them quite a popular storage solution for commercial and domestic purposes.

A container storage facility provides the perfect storage space for all your extra stuff.

FABBOX is the leading manufacturer of shipping and container storage services provider based on Sharjah, Uae. Fabbox offers both stand and custom shipping and storage container modifications. We provide customers cost-effective high-quality storage solutions.

We have a large inventory of shipping containers for sale. Our fully-equipped facility extends over 10,000 Sqft & 40,000 Sqft in Emirates Industrial City, Sharjah, UAE with a modern workshop and container storage yard respectively equipped with multiple container handlers.

The FABBOX premises is equipped with modern and advanced technological equipment for the manufacturing and testing of steel structures with a capacity of 10,000 metric tons per year.


Shipping containers also provide an excellent solution for different types of storage needs. Shipping containers can be used in the following ways for different storage requirements.

(1) Container Storage For Agricultural Use

We acknowledge the importance of the agriculture industry in any country and hence we have also traced a solution to store the agricultural amenities. The metal container storage facility used to store the agricultural amenities must be weatherproof. However, working more than 100 plus agricultural clients, we have designed containers that can basically support daily agricultural activities.

Shipping container storage, which are large in size and strong enough to hold any weather, are one of the best options for storing the agricultural grains. Animal feed can also be stored in these containers.

2. Container Storage For Construction Sites

Construction tools are expensive and leaving them outside at the site can lead to theft and damage to the tools. Container storage provides a safe and secure place for construction tools to be stored on job sites.

3. Container Storage For Car garage and automotive parts storage

Storage container is the best solution to store your car or motorcycle safely for a long period or a short period.

4. Container Storage Can be Used As Locker rooms for workers

Container storage can be used as a locker or storeroom for workers. Workers may have expensive tools or machines to keep at the worksite. So With container storage facilities, workers get their own secure space to store items for a short or long time.

5. Container Storage For Keeping Household items during Home renovation works.

It is a hectic job to keep your household items securely during your house renovation works. Container Storage is the best solution to store your household items as your home gets renovated without worrying about them getting damaged.

If you are really confused about where to buy Storage Container, then please contact us to get information from industry experts.

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