7 Step Guide to a Successful Shipping Container Garage Conversion

Install a shipping Container Garage in UAE

Dropping down the idea of adding a garage in your home due to shortage of money? What will you do if you come to know that there is a solution to your problem? You already know the trends of shipping containers in these advanced days.

Nowadays, people are getting fascinated with budget-friendly and eco-friendly homes. While doing so, how about adding a shipping container garage in your home? This blog will give you a clear and detailed idea about this! The ways to utilize the space and the container garage are entirely up to you. So, read on to know them:

Select the size of the container

The largest cargo ship comes with the holding capacity of 20 million containers. Moreover, there is a gamut of options for you to select the right container type. The amount of spaces you can devote in making garage will help in determining the appropriate size of container. Furthermore, both vehicles number and size should be kept into mind during selection.

On the basis of the size, the height of the container gets fixed- 40 feet or 20 feet. Even 10 feet and 45 feet high containers are available in the marketplace at the same time. By the way, high containers are ideal solution to keep your SUVs and Jeeps safe.

Choose the type of the container

The size of the container should also be chosen according to your planned space and number of cars you want to house in it. Budget-friendly container is only possible to get by determining the right type for you. The ones which come with slight denting and dinging of rust are quite affordable.

Trip container can serve you the best if ready-to-go or not for project is your criteria. It is the type of container that has been never used for any cargo operation. As they mainly make only single trip, it can sustain its good condition for over a long period of time.

Shipping Container Garage Conversion in UAE
Shipping Container Garage Conversion in UAE

Garage style shipping container

They style you want for your garage is another aspect you have to consider when it comes to shipping container garage. Check the options from below to be creative and spacious simultaneously.

The ideas are:
• A container is enough for housing the compact car while properly maintaining the tidiness and neatness
• Two containers can be installed side-by-side by making a roof over them. Adequate space will be there for storing many cars with storage on a side
• Placing more containers will make building blocks for the cars. This will act as storage space and workstation as well

After getting started it is really fun and excited to build the shipping container garage. You can be playful with the designs and your creativity to fulfill your desire.

Land preparation

Now you have planned about the design and style of the garage. So, it’s now nitty-gritty time. Just you have to buy some shipping containers and install it in the right manner in the proposed area. At first, you have to visit to the local government officials for seeking the permission of installing container garage which will be done via essential paperwork.

Then the land should be prepared in the following ways:

• Measurement of the land and marking it to be used for garage
• Cleaning of the debris and uprooting the plants and shrubs
• Laying of the base foundation such as steel pipe or concrete slab for the footing foundation

Get ready to bring the containers and make your container garage

Basics of container garage

Once the foundation gets laid, it’s the time for placing the container in it appropriate position. So, it is imperative for considering some facts before building a garage with shipping containers.

In case you want to park the car inside the container then face opening driveway will be best option for you. If you are going to use it for storage then opening facing your home is good. By this way you will be able to keep an eye on the garage container every time.

Furthermore, upkeeping is a must if used container is selected. At that time scrapes, dents, prevention, rust removal and painting will be highly considered to make it usable. Not only easy to build but garage containers are also highly durable. Only couple of works is needed for making it perfectly ready to use.

Upgrade of the shipping container

Generally, most residential garages possess the basic structure. However, with shipping container a bare canvas can be obtained to transform any dream space according to your desire. Some of the considerable options are mentioned below for your reference:

• Installation of insulation in case the garage container will be used for storage besides car
• Electrical facility if you want to use it as your quick workstation
• In case you will be working inside the garage container then install some window for allowing the fresh air to let in

May be these changes seem minor to you yet it can bring the major differences regarding the way you want to use the garage space comfortably.

Above the basics

Once you have got the container garage of your desire then opt for the following ways to improve its appearance even better:

• Install motion detectors and cameras for security if any expensive equipment will be there
• A de-humidifier will keep the dampness at its verge and extends the car and stored items longevity
• Work bench and shelves can be installed to convert it in the ultimate workstation
• Windows should be added for making the room spacious
• Ramping or lay down flooring is better or easy getting in and out
• Fan can be helpful for proper ventilator
• Drain can be made in the floor for a place to change the paint and running off the flow

With shipping container garage you will be able to save plenty of money to use in other purposes.

Shipping container garage conversion in UAE is become more affordable and easy these days. Once the structure of the garage is made, decoration is possible as per your wish. Numerous types of containers are there to select within for making varied necessary modifications. While selecting any consider your important points and take the right decision to give your dream car and other objects a proper shelter.

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