20 ft shipping container dimension

Everything You Should Know About 20 Ft Shipping Container

Nowadays, shipping containers possess a gamut of uses ranging from warehousing to office space. Any sort of materials like dried grains, scrap metals and high-density products can be shipped to…

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7 easiest steps for modular building constructions

7 Easiest Steps for Modular Building Constructions

The procedure of developing several building sections for a single facility in a remote site is called modular building. Every section of the construction is known as modules or units…

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Repurposed Shipping Containers in Dubai

Top 10 Coolest Repurposed Shipping Containers You Have Ever Found

Nowadays, due to the large number of non-usable shipping containers left over all over the world these are widely used for reconstruction. It can be engineered well for designing industrial-chic…

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shipping container schools in UAE

Scope of shipping container school, Colleges, Universities in UAE

School is the prime need of a student to get basic education, disciplines and morale in their life. But the entire institution can be a worthy example to the students….

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20 Feet Shipping Container in UAE

Unknown Facts About 20 Feet Shipping Container

Being the most compact and perfect size of the container, it can be easily transported via smaller vehicles and is storable in small spaces as well. Although mostly used for…

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Shipping Container Café: Reincarnation of Cafeteria Business in UAE

Not only bricks and mortar, modern-day structures are also relied on recycled and eco-friendly materials. The most famous option which is getting preferred today is the refurbished shipping container. This…

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Shipping Container Conversion Provides Clean Water

Shipping Container Conversion Provides Clean Drinking Water in Developing Countries

The leading conglomerates such as Coca-Cola and Deka R&D have been collaborated to launch a project. In this project, about 2000 shipping containers water tank will be used for installing…

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Install a shipping Container Garage in UAE

7 Step Guide to a Successful Shipping Container Garage Conversion

Dropping down the idea of adding a garage in your home due to shortage of money? What will you do if you come to know that there is a solution…

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Overview of the shipping container market

A Detailed Overview of the Shipping Container Market

With the introduction of the modular construction, shipping containers have been come into great use at a reasonable cost, right? Its wide range of usages in the construction industry witnesses…

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shipping container sizes in uae

shipping container sizes in UAE

Varied Dimensions of Shipping Containers On The Basis Of the Type You already know that storage containers also known as shipping containers come in a comprehensive range of sizes in…

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