transform shipping containers into cafes and restaurants

Steps To Transform Shipping Containers into Cafes and Restaurants

You may trust or not but a traditional shipping container can be transformed into the updated semi mobile restaurant. But just like a trailer or a food truck, it will…

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Latest Water Treatment in 2020

Latest Water Treatment in 2020: Know about Containerized Water Treatment

Industrial sector is constantly looking for the relevant ways for lowering down the capital expense to minimize the timelines of installation of water treatment techniques. But the prevalence of the…

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reused shipping containers in dubai uae

10 Innovative Ways to Utilize the Reused Shipping Containers

Rather than other means of communication and media, reused shipping container is far more effective for storing cargo and transportation. Due to its affordability, strength and water-resistant property, now-a-days these…

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shipping containers are Ideal for small businesses uae

5 Reasons to Prove shipping containers for small businesses is ideal

When it comes to startups or small business, shipping containers for small businesses is become the most versatile option for the young entrepreneurs. Besides its easy-to-transport features, it can be…

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10 container ways for educing the cost of making home

10 Container Ways for Reducing the Cost of Making Home

In the last few years, shipping containers have garnered much popularity due to its impeccable benefits. This includes its eco-friendliness, durability, affordability and strength. Transforming a shipping container into a…

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How to Buy a Shipping Container

How to buy your next shipping container?

We have been selling shipping containers for nearly 20 years. Our customers buy shipping containers for many different reasons, for storage across all kinds of industries, for converting into accommodation, or using as retail space…

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